man-hug2CSHI’s experience can help you

The purchase of real estate is the largest investment most people ever make. It is an exciting and confusing time, when you must make many decisions. At this time, you need to turn to the professionals – your real estate broker, attorney, banker and home inspection professional – for guidance in making those decisions about your new home. We would like to explain how CSHI can help you.

The average cost of a home inspection is usually less than one percent of the purchase price.
Information from the inspection report about the visible condition of the structure, roof and mechanical systems, such as plumbing, heating and electrical can save you more than the price of an inspection.

Our commitment to customer service comes with something unique in building inspections. When our customers told us what they wanted from a building inspection company, we responded to accommodate their needs with concern, personalization, quality and a superior level of service. That efficient, warm, personalized service to you is and will be, the highest priority for all CSHI employees.

Thorough, not rushed inspections

Many home inspections are rushed. Inspectors will tell you they’ll be in and out in less than an hour. But a good home inspection takes time. At CSHI, we take the time necessary to cover all bases and make sure that nothing is missed. Your need for a thorough inspection is our number one priority.

You are encouraged to attend the inspection

Whether you are a first-time buyer or an experienced homebuyer, CSHI recommends that you accompany the inspector so that your questions can be addressed personally. It is an excellent way for you to acquire important information about the house, obtain maintenance suggestions and become more familiar with major systems of the home. You may want to ask the homeowner to assist you by making available all pertinent information about the home such as fuel bills, repair information, etc.

Expert Testimony

We provide expert testimony for court cases at a rate of $150 per hour from portal to portal, including wait time, plus all expenses and travel costs.